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The Springs Homestead

Faye Maple

The house's sweetheart!

She was born in Madrid on Canada Day (caring about her roots from day one)⁠ ⁠ She is a delight, funny, smart, curious, adventurous and just the sunshine of our little family.⁠ ⁠

Her love for animals is striking (her first word was "chickens" when we moved to our farm) and our Australian Shepherd dog is her best best friend!⁠

Always ready to help and show everyone all farm related tasks!

Skaila puppy love

Our Australian Shepherd, and first baby.⁠

We got her when she was only a few months while pregnant with Faye so that they would grow together and never looked back! The bond between these two is just so beautiful to watch!

As an apartment dog (for the first year of her life) she has adapted wonderfully to becoming a FARM DOG!