Farmer for a Day

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Generally starts at 11am and ends around 5pm. This activity is suitable for all ages, the activities are different each time and we try to organise each event based on the ages of our participants as much as possible.

This programme includes:
🌱 Mini eco-tour of the Springs Homestead
🌱 Time for picnic lunch break (bring your own)
🌱 Merienda with our freshly baked farm tart at the end of our day together (provided)

🌱 Three activities of 30-45 min each, one from each of the following categories:
🌸 1) DAILY FARMER TASKS, like feeding and cleaning the animals, showering the ducks, milking goats, watering plants, bringing the goats to graze, etc.
🌸 2) VEGETABLE GARDEN & ORCHARD TASKS, like harvesting, preparing soil, preserving, deweeding, etc.
🌸 3) ANIMAL ENRICHMENTS CRAFTING, which is usually crafting of some sort, using mostly natural materials with the goal of improving the life of our animals, by providing them with environmental stimuli that cater to their natural behaviours needs, in order to keep them physically and mentally happy and well.

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